About Us

Citizen Fact Check, dedicated to fact checking is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka to be established by a local media network. Citizen Fact Check launched its beta version on March 1, 2021 to scrutinize and research for veracity and identify the context of viral social media posts on various platforms. These include but are not limited to statements made by individuals in public life and other data that is in the public domain. By April 2, 2021 Citizen Fact Check became a separate website apart from its sister site Citizen.lk which earlier hosted the Citizen Fact Check ticker.

Citizen Fact Check (www.citizenfactcheck.lk) is an initiative of the Citizen Media Network, which also runs Citizen.lk, Esana, Your News and Citizen Wrap.

We are located in 96, 8A Kottanuwatta Road, Nugegoda 10250 , Sri Lanka and are registered as a web media organization with the Government Department of Information, Sri Lanka.

Methodology : ‘The Traffic Light Check’

The Traffic Light Check by Citizen

We at Citizen Fact Check follow our own methodology for fact checking titled ‘The Traffic Light Check’ created by our founder and Editor in Chief Sandun Arosha Fernando.

As a fact checking initiative, we at Citizen Fact Check pick claims/statements made by public figures or others going viral on social media while garnering significant engagement among the general public in order to check for veracity and context.

Using ‘The Traffic Light Check’ we first ask users to STOP as in at a red light on a highway before sharing an unverified piece of information. We go on to file it as ‘In progress’ on the website. This is the CHECK component denoted by the Amber light. Once verified and updated if found to be true we give users the green light to GO ahead and share the information or if false to remain at the STOP sign.

Red – Indicates false/misleading claims
Amber – Unverified stories that are still being checked by the Citizen Fact Check team.
Green – Indicates true and verified claims

As an organisation dedicated to fact checking, Citizen Fact Check deals with information in the public domain covering a range of topics including but not limited to politics, health, law and justice, education, environment, employment, innovation, science and the general public.

The methodology is used in the ticker and we believe gives clarity to visitors to the website.

We strictly follow International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) guidelines in fact checking and verifying claims. We provide context to claims in question and also ensure that visitors to the site could also carry out their own fact check of the claim by providing a description on how the claim was checked by us.

At Citizen Fact Check we give prominence to facts, data and reportage.