Trustees & Patrons


Citizen Media Network (CMN) is the sole trustee of Citizen Fact Check. The CMN consisting of new media outlets Esana, Your News, Citizen Wrap, Citizen News Agency and Citizen Fact Check was founded and is managed by its directors Chamila Prasad Karunarathne, Arjun Jeger and Sandun Arosha Fernando.

CMN is headed by its Editor in Chief, Sandun Arosha Fernando, an experienced broadcast and digital media journalist. He is also the founder of Citizen Fact Check and the Traffic Light check methodology used by CMN.


The Citizen Media Network consisting of new media outlets Esana, Your News, Citizen Wrap, Citizen Fact Check & Citizen News Agency


Digital Content (Private) Limited (DC) is a fully Integrated Creative, Digital Content, Video Production & Digital Marketing Communications Agency. DC was co-founded by Chamila Prasad Karunarathne and Arjun Jeger in 2017. The duo have over 15 years of experience in the field of digital media.

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How We Are Funded

The start up funding for Citizen Fact Check (CFC) was provided by our patron, Digital Content (Private) Limited.

In the near future CFC hopes to adopt a self sustaining revenue model where funding will be secured through advertising, grants and public donations. The relevant details of all funds received and the expenditure will be displayed here to ensure transparency.

Those seeking to advertise with CFC will be required to sign an agreement thereby guaranteeing they would not attempt to exert undue influence on CFC that would negatively affect the independence of editorial content.